In Drift We Trust

Prepared for the performance of In Drift We Trust, 2 Jul 2007, Make it up Club, Fitzroy, Australia and performed by Andrew Garton, Ollie Olsen, Robert Henke, Ross Bencina, Steve Law, Paul Abad.

In Drift We Trust


Based on the series, Drift TheoryIn Drift we Trust is based on 5 movements, each representing a unique and individual interpretation of drift, “to wander or stray, to detour and to oscillate randomly, to be carried along by currents…”


  1. Create an individual movement based on your interpretation of drift.
  2. Ensure the piece can be performed for at least 5 minutes and enough resources to contribute to a 20 minute improvised movement with all members of the Quintet.
  3. Devise your movement in isolation from each other, ensure that neither of has heard or knows of the strategy you may employ to perform your contribution. The performance at the Make it up Club will be the first any of us will have heard your piece as well as the In Drift we Trust in its entirety.


Some of us discussed an interest in syncing the entire Quintet to itself, but we were unable to source a MIDI splitter. In addition, we would had to rehearse and that would not be in-keeping with the concept of the Quintet and the pieces it perform.

As such, the tempo will be 124 bpm, but we needn’t be locked to the same clock. This provides for a more random form of syncing furthering the core ideas inherent in drift.


The Quintet will perform each movement one by one at three minute intervals with an additional three minutes (drift sequences) within which to interact with the next performer.

In short performers have three minutes to perform their movement by themselves and another three to drift into the next.