Introducing The Terminal Quartet

The Terminal Quartet was conceived by Andrew Garton as a means to perform a series of structured improvisations set to define software as instrument, both in an audible and visual context. The Quartet was founded in December 2003.

Terminal Quartet
Terminal Quartet: L-R Andy Bagley, Andrew Garton, Andy Kettle, Paul Abad. Small Black Box/Liquid Architecture, Judith Wright Arts Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, July 2004.

The Terminal Quartet was comprised of musicians, sound and video composers/artists that utilised computers and/or synthesis in their practice. Musicians researched and arranged individual movements in isolation from each other, often governed by the context and structure of Garton’s compositions.

The Quartet was comprised of a fresh combination of musicians for each performance, each representing entirely different styles, skills, techniques, approaches and cultures.

This site is an archive of the works of the Terminal Quartet.